Caberfeidh SIDX Project

GB3GR Analog Repeater

GB3GR 21st Century Repeater

Operating Frequency 430.9375Mhz + 7.6Mhz CTCSS 71.9Hz (RU75)

Current News

6 Dec 2015 Application Submitted Frequency Change (RU68) 430.8500Mhz +7.6 CTCSS 71.9Hz


27 Nov 2015 Planning to add 4mtr 70Mhz Parrot repeater/gateway system at GB3GR Site.


20 July 2015 Installed repeater Tait800 with Masthead Preamp controller. Send DTMF *51 to operate the preamp to ON for a timed period of 60 minutes after which it will revert to OFF Also some software updates. Feedback reports welcome but early results are looking very good.


18 June 2015 New NOV issued for the use of the new wide split frequencies RU75 Change over was completed Thursday 18th 09:30AM. So re-tune your radios. All reports are welcome.


8 June 2015 New RX antenna and mast head pre-amp fitted under test reports are welcome thanks this will give improved RX sensitivity, no change to TX side.


5 June 2015 Sinclair Technologies Inc and Kelvin G4WMZ have donated a cavity filter to the project this is very much appreciated a link to Sinclair Technologies Inc is included.


Repeater Mailing Address


GB3GR Repeater Project

33 High Dyke

Harrowby Grantham

NG31 9ER U.K

Allstar Node 28202 Internet connected

Morse K means not linked ... Morse L means Internet linked

Morse I indicates Internet Traffic